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Cube Co., Ltd.  Company Introduction
From 1996 we have been a computer service provider for companies, organizations and other groups. Our services comprise server rental and maintenance, data protection and the production of computer programmes, amongst others.

We have started early to develop business models around the internet,
but in this time of constant user growth and faster data speeds new opportunities are arising steadily.

We are now hosting the server of our group company Weltnetz Co., Ltd. who is running the English language shopping portal JP-Stores. We are also hosting the server, as well as writing specialized programmes, for our group company DankeDankeCom, an international shipping service.

In a world connected by broadband internet streaming high-quality movies will gain more and more importance, also for Japanese companies who want to make their debut on the international stage. In near future the member shops of JP-Stores will use this technology to introduce themselves and their products.

Cube Co., Ltd. Company data
Address:  298-1 Minaminakano, Minuma-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama
 337-0042 Japan
Founded:  08 August 1996
Capital:  45,000,000JPY
Business line:  Electronic commerce support service
 Business translation service
 Shopping system development
-Provider: Provider for commercial and corporated websites (Cube-NET)
-Streaming: Streaming server rental, streaming services
-CGI programmes: Databases, website makers, and other CGI programmes
-Server: Commercial server housing, hosting service and private line connections
-Network: Internet, intranet, LAN setup & maintenance
-Multimedia: Image files, DVD&CD multimedia, PDF and electronic publishing
-Homepage: Homepage production and update
-Internet: Internet services and consulting

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