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TP music
Description Guitar, Piano and Japanese instruments
Established in 1974. We prove worthy of our customers' trust.
Products Japanese instruments Piano Keyboards Guitars Accessories Sheet music
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El Okinawa
Description Japanese instruments from Okinawa
Okinawa has mixed culture of Japan and China. This company specialized in Okinawa goods. Shamisen has unique beautiful sound. Japanese drums has strong sounds. Find what you want.
Products Shamisen (Japanese guiter)
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Nagae Instruments
Description High-grade instruments from France and England
Nagae musical instruments of buffet crampon official recognition special agent. Sales of the Internet of wind instrument of clarinet saxophone, Yamaha, flute, Miyazawa, and Muramatsu etc.
Products CD Textbooks Woodwind instruments Brass instruments Tuners Metronomes
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Otuka Bamboo pipe instruments
Description We produce Japanese sounds from olden times
We are a whistle shop that keeps making the whistle of Shishida from generation to generation. Shinufe is used also for the Shinto music and dancing, the shishimai, the kabuki, the folk song, and naga...
Products Hard case Textbooks Bamboo pipes Flutes Kabuki Shinto
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Description Online shop for instruments
Gakki.com is run by Yasuhara Instruments Co.. We ship selected instruments.
Products Music bells Violins Guitars Harmonicas Accordions Ocarinas
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Zenongakufu Publishing
Description Internet shopping for musical scores from piano to orchestra
Official website of Zenongakufu publishing.
Products Score Textbooks CD Software DVD Sheet music
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Itoro Japanese musical instrument shop
Description Specializing in Japanese musical instruments
Yagibushi related goods, textbooks (with CD), Japanese drums, drumsticks, Shinofue, Samisen(a three-stringed musical instrument somewhat similar in shape to a banjo), Koto(A zither-like Japanese music...
Products Yagibushi Japanese drums Drumsticks Samisen Koto Festival goods
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Sanshinya Toururunten
Description Japanese Samisen, drums and Samisen lessons
We sell Samisen from Okinawa and Japanese drums. Samisen lessons are offered in Osaka.
Products Samisen Drumsticks Chiru Uma Karakui Tiga
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Description Instruments shop
Music studio and in Itabashi, Tokyo. Sales of musical instruments. Piano tuning, cleaning, CD鐔DVD production, and video shooting. We offer band dispatch service.
Products Soundproofing Piano chairs Lesson goods Percussion instruments Used pianos Instrument bags
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Taiko Center Online Shop
Description Taiko Center Online Shop
Taiko Center Co., Ltd. is a Japanese musical instruments company based in Kyoto city. We sell our products to the customers from all over the world. We have English website and offe...
Products [Drum]
Nagado daiko, Shime daiko, Oke daiko, Hirado daiko, Eisa daiko

Shinobue, Ryuteki, Nohkan, Hichiriki, Sho, Shakuhachi, Horagai

Drumstick, Chappa, Chanchiki, Hyoshigi, Tettou

[String Instrument]
Shamisen, Biwa

[Japanese Costume]
Happi, Tabi, Matahiki, Muneate, Haramaki, Sarashi, Hachimaki, Tekkou

CD, Book, DVD, Gagaku, Nohgaku, Eisa, Folk arts
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