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Home > HONDA -250cc > Carburetor parts set "Nencho-kit" For HONDA XL250R(MD03)


Kit includes:
chamber gasket; float needle and seat; main jet #110; pilot jet #38; jet needle #D339=77D; pilot screw; throttle screw; washer; o-ring etc.

One Kit fixes one carb, price is for one kit

Carburetor parts set
Carburetor parts set "Nencho-kit" For HONDA XL250R(MD03)
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You can make use of "Nencho-Kit" as repair parts and as tuning parts.
Six main jets, three pilot jets, four jet needles are in the kit contents for tuning, and it will be reasonable price for you.
Retail price:4000JPY
Our price: 4000JPY

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