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■ Product Name: Fillico Elegant Black - Victoria Cap & Black Metal Angel Wings Set
■ Mineral water
■ Contents: 720 ml
■ Set Contents: Bottle, Cap
■ Body size: Height 385 mm, diameter 95 mm
■ Expiration date: Printed on the cap seal

◇ Bottle
Material: Glass (Painted)
Swarovski® Crystals: 57 pieces

◇ Cap
· King cap
Material: Alloy (Zinc) / Black Plating
Swarovski® Crystals: 38 Black diamonds
· Inner cap
Material: PP
· Cap seal
Material: PET

◇ Metal Angel Wings
Material: Alloy (Zinc) / Black Plating (Nickel free)
Swarovski® Crystals: 2 crystals

The Victoria Crown
Queen Victoria, whose reign from 1837 to 1901 ushered in a bounty of creativity in architecture, fashion, and the arts, starting from the mid-19th Century and continuing to the present day. Victorian design continues to be an inspiration to architects, craftsmen, and many other enlightened artisans. Ordered, ornamented, and ornate - the symmetry and organic curves of our Victorian Crown are inspired by Gothic and Baroque styles, too, creating the impression of an elegant princess dressed for the Queen’s Ball. The 38 sparkling Swarovski® Crystals are splendid, abundant, and elegant, instilling a classical harmony that is timeless, ageless, and eternal.



If you give a shock to the bottle, you may get injured by a bottle, so please handle it carefully.

Sometimes white mineral crystals are suspended or minerals crystallize when overheated and frozen, because rich mineral components are contained, but there is no problem with the quality.

Please avoid

frozen storage and direct sunlight. If you keep it after opening, please close the cap and take it in the refrigerator.


Swarovski® Crystals we use for the bottle and cap is attached by skilled craftsmen one by one carefully.

Although it is inspected carefully at the time of shipment, the crystals may get off by a small shock because it’s delicate. Please be careful that small children are in danger of getting it into their mouth. In addition, please do not use this bottle for another use.

Fillico Elegant Black - Victoria Cap & Black Metal Angel Wings Set
Fillico Elegant Black - Victoria Cap & Black Metal Angel Wings Set
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Matte black color. It’s pure, cool, sleek, elegant, powerful, mysterious, and luxurious. Fillico Elegant Black is the epitome of luxury and quality. The matte black finish of the bottle makes everything else pale in comparison. Our outstanding craftsmen make every bottle by hand, selecting each and every one of 57 black diamond Swarovski® crystals and placing it carefully and flawlessly on the bottle. The flat back and teardrop-shaped crystals create a shimmering glow and add mystique. Highly charismatic, Fillico Elegant Black is a perfect gift for a man, providing a fine tribute to power, authority, and honor.

The Victoria Crown - The symmetry and organic curves of our Victorian Crown has 38 sparkling Swarovski® Crystals that instills a classical harmony that is eternal.
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