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Product details ♦ product name: set of philicobrackpanther metal angel wing (black) ♦ name: mineral water ♦ contents: 720 ml ♦ set includes: bottle and Cap ♦ listed shelf life: cap seal ♦ body height 385 mm, diameter 95 mm cap including-CAP and Victoria cap material: alloy (zinc) Swarovski crystals and black plating (nickel-free),: 38 and inner cap material: PP-bottle-bottle material: glass ( Coating) Swarovski Crystal: 55 pieces / inner cap material: PP-capsule material: PET-angel wing metal angel wing black material: alloy (zinc) and black plating (nickel-free) Swarovski Crystal: Crystal 2

Fillico Black Panther Metal Angel Wing
Fillico Black Panther Metal Angel Wing
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Black Panther grabbing the heart. Black bottle and Swarovski®crystal is a spectacular combination, limited edition.
Panther let instinct in the Greece myths, and symbol of the limits and has been used in the symbolism of the power of the imperial family and nobility in ancient civilization has been. Panther premieres such as symbol of strength, protection, aloof and brave leader, a strong message, so recommended to the gifts for the important people.
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