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The plate in the center has Phoenix and two lions, crabs, fairies, Crown, and Swarovski® crystal. The image of Victorian decor with rich gold shimmering QUEEN logo on a glossy black bottle. Luxury design symbolizes FILLICO and decorated luxury Swarovski Crystal on the CAP, fascinates both Queen fans and Fillico fans. 720 ml bottles with mineral-rich water of the Kobe nunobiki. Mt. Rokko granite gravel layer polishs the mineral water.

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*limited quantities available

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Product details
♦ product name: Fillico limited edition Queen
♦ mineral water
♦ contents: 720 ml
♦ shelf life: printed on cap seal
♦ size: height 385 mm, diameter 95 mm

Victoria cap
material: alloy,Swarovski crystals(38 pcs:crystal), gold plated (nickel-free)
inner cap material: PP

material: glass (coating)
Swarovski Crystal: Golden shadow 56 pieces
inner cap material: PP
capseal material: PET

Fillico limited edition Queen
Fillico limited edition Queen
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British legendary rock band "QUEEN" official license limited design bottle. Queen has always been attracting attentions with concerts and various events all over the world. Under the supervision of the member who continues to evolve, the limited edition Filico jewelry water, QUEEN, officially licensed is specially designed.
Retail price:-JPY
Our price: 21000JPY

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