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Product details
♦ product name: Fillico Sakura Metal Angel Wing
♦ mineral water
♦ contents: 720 ml
♦ shelf life: printed on cap seal
♦ size: height 385 mm, diameter 95 mm

Victoria cap
material: alloy,Swarovski crystals(38 pcs:crystal), gold plated (nickel-free)
inner cap material: PP

material: glass (coating)
Swarovski Crystal: 84 pieces
inner cap material: PP
capseal material: PET

Fillico Sakura Metal Angel Wing
Fillico Sakura Metal Angel Wing
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Sakura's flower language is Pureness, beauty of spirit, and elegant lady. Decorated with a aurora effect Swarovski® Crystals, "Sakura" also shines as an elegant lady in Kimono. With Victoria Cap on its top, Sakura is the best recommended as a gift to your Foreign friends as souvenirs.
Retail price:-JPY
Our price: 22000JPY

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