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Product Details
■ Product Name: Fillico Liberta
■ Name: Mineral water
Contents ■: 720 ml
■ Body size: height 370 mm, diameter 95 mm (including cap)
■ Expiration date: stated on the cap seal

◇ cap part
· Silver cap
Material: Alloy (Zinc) / Silver Plating (Nickel Free)
Pearl: 12 pieces
Swarovski · Crystal: 49 crystals
· Inner cap
Material: PP

◇ Pegasus part
· Pegasus Necklace
Material: Alloy (Zinc) / Silver Plating (Nickel Free)
※ It is a necklace type with a chain. Please hang it from above the bottle.

· Inner cap
Material: PP

◇ Bottle part
Material: Glass
Swarovski · Crystal: 64 crystals
· Inner cap
Material: PP
· Cap seal
Material: PET

◇ Angel wing
· Metal Angel Wing
Material: Alloy (Zinc) / Silver Plating (Nickel Free)
Swarovski · Crystal: 2 crystals

Fillico Libertà Metal Wing set
Fillico Libertà Metal Wing set
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July 7th, Fillico 12th Anniversary
Filico jewelry water celebrating the 12th anniversary to 2017.7.7.
Filico jewelry water using a unique expression method based on Japanese design, which was born in commemoration of anniversary, appeared. In Toyama prefecture of Japan, it is an artistic masterpiece created by a special technique method which does not see other examples.

One by one, it is carefully painted by hand, and the unique bottle with a different feeling one by one is deeply embracing the presence of glitter.

It is ideal for accents of space to host guests such as interior and shop, special gift, bottle that can be enjoyed very much by foreigners.

Bottle named Liberta, meaning freedom in Italian, with the motif of Pegasus which spreads large wings and spreads freely in the sky, which is popular even in limited bottles of the past. The legendary Pegasus that appears in myths has long been popular in the West as a symbol of "immortality" "education" and "fame." The beautiful figure that runs up the sky again
It is said that it represents a leap to the future. And because the sounds of "cloud" and "luck" are similar in Japanese, it was selected based on the cloud pattern which was regarded as a symbol of good luck.
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Our price: 27000JPY

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