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Product Details
■ Product Name: Philico Red Spider Metal Wing Set
■ Name: Mineral water
Contents ■: 720 ml
■ Size: height 360 mm, diameter 95 mm
■ Expiration date: stated on the cap seal

◇ cap part
· King cap
Material: Alloy / Black Plating
Swarovski · crystal: Black diamond 29 pieces Jet 1 piece
· Inner cap
Material: PP

◇ Bottle part
Material: Glass (painted processing)
Swarovski · Crystal: Jet hema 57 pieces
· Inner cap
Material: PP
· Cap seal
Material: PET

◇ Angel wing
· Metal Angel Wing
Material: Alloy (zinc 70% tin 30%) / RED paint (nickel free)
Swarovski · Crystal: 2 crystals
· It will be delivered in a separate box.

Red Spider Metal Wing Set
Red Spider Metal Wing Set
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