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■ Item: Fruit wine
■ An amount of contents: 720ml
■ The use kind: Koshu kind 100% made in Yamanashi-ken
■ An antioxidant: Sulfite
■ Alcohol content: 12.5 ℃
■ A type: White/dryness

◇ Bottle part
* Bottle
Material: Glass, a metal plate and a sticker.

※ The carrying picture is sometimes different from the real thing in an image a little.
※ There are sometimes 1 a few irregular colors and small vices, etc. plating processing for making by handwork 1 point, so please accept it.
It's very delicate goods. Please don't give the strong power and treat gently. For alcoholic beverages, it becomes impossible to treat it.


If you give a shock to the bottle, you may get injured by a bottle, so please handle it carefully.

Sometimes white mineral crystals are suspended or minerals crystallize when overheated and frozen, because rich mineral components are contained, but there is no problem with the quality.

Please avoid

frozen storage and direct sunlight. If you keep it after opening, please close the cap and take it in the refrigerator.


Swarovski® Crystals we use for the bottle and cap is attached by skilled craftsmen one by one carefully.

Although it is inspected carefully at the time of shipment, the crystals may get off by a small shock because it’s delicate. Please be careful that small children are in danger of getting it into their mouth. In addition, please do not use this bottle for another use.

Sparkling wine Hell’s Kitchen
Sparkling wine Hell’s Kitchen
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Sparkling wine with the scull design on which the dangerous fragrance floats newly arrives!
Sparkling wine using the refreshing sour taste and the feature of Koshu kind of simple tastes (dry).
The depth blends aged sake 7 % and also builds into the felt taste.
The finish for which Koshu utilized the fresh and fruity feature just as it is.
※ Please cool enough in kaisenmae.
Retail price:-JPY
Our price: 7000JPY

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