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■ Product Name: Fillico Jester
■ Name: Mineral water
■ Contents: 500ml
■ Size: height 230 mm, diameter 90 mm
■ Expiration date: stated on the cap seal

· Gold milk crown cap
Material: alloy (zinc) / gold plating
Swarovski: 6 crystals
· Inner cap
Material: PP

◇ Bottle part
Material: Glass (coating process)
· Inner cap
Material: PP
· Cap seal
Material: PET
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Fillico Jester
Fillico Jester
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The Limited Edition Fillico Jester is majestically styled to sit atop the Master’s mantel, with a sparking diamond cut black bottle fitted with a gorgeous mask of a clown entertaining the King’s Court in Medieval Europe. Its one visible eye is graced with the Lapis Blue of the Swarovski® Eye Fancy Stone crystal, while gold lamé and velvet complete the mysterious countenance of the noble entertainer.
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Our price: 14000JPY

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