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■ Product name: Fillico KABUKI gold leaf sake
■ Name: Philic (sake)
■ Raw materials: rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice), gold leaf
Contents ■: 720 ml
Alcohol content: 15 degrees
Alcohol has become 20 years old. Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy or lactation.
※Please consume immediately after opening.

◇ cap part
· Art Deco Cap
Material: alloy (zinc) / gold plating (nickel free)
· Inner cap
Material: PP

◇ Bottle part
Material: Glass
Swarovski: 56 crystals
· Inner cap
Material: PP
· Cap seal
Material: PET

Fillico KABUKI Sake made with gold leaf
Fillico KABUKI Sake made with gold leaf
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Fascinating sake made in collaboration with Shochiku · Kabukiza "Fillico KABUKI" debut!

From the thought of activating Ginza, the desire to convey the Japanese tradition correctly to the people of the world, for more than a hundred and twenty years in Ginza, after the Kabuki-za that continues to perform the stage as the Kabuki Hall of Fame, Japan's proud tradition I will announce a Japanese sake bottle with gold leaf of kabuki of performing arts.

One of the designs symbolizing Kabuki · Kumaki. In order to accurately convey its charm, based on an actual size three-dimensional sample by the hands of the Kabuki actor, we used a design that Shochiku Co., Ltd. produced independently.
A deep red bottle like pomegranate is an artistic piece created in Japan using traditional crafts of Toyama, painting technique of special technique method.

Bottling sake with gorgeous gold leaf made at a long-established sake store in Kyushu.
The drinking mouth is graceful and somewhat dry.
It is a pure rice ginjo sauce with a gold leaf firmly taste that feels full of the rich taste even while it is smooth.
Strong, firm, sharp dry and reasonable sweetness complement your dish.
It is recommended not only for Japanese food such as sashimi and tempura, but also for meat dishes with seasoned and seasoned seasonings.
Retail price:-JPY
Our price: 21000JPY

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