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This long-term storage snack doesn't require any water to prepare.

Item code: JS31002-2001B-3002V

Market price: 15000JPY
Our Price: 11400JPY

[butter flavor] is a basic taste using fresh butter, and brings out the original taste of bread.

We recommend businesses, government agencies, and average consumers stock up on this product. This package would last one person 3 days, were they to find themselves in the middle of a crisis. The company creating the bread originally provided bread to schools all across the country, now they have expanded to creating this reliable stock-food.
● You don't need water to prepare the bread, just eat them as they are!
● The packaging is suitable to all ages.
● There is very little waste, making the product relatively eco-friendly.
● You won't get tired of the simple appealing flavor.
● Easy to stock-up on! Free of charge, you can sign up to get an email about when the best before date is coming up!
※ For this service, please go to the manufacturer’s website for more information.
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Detail: ●Product name: Paper Cup Bread [butter flavor] / Weight: 100g / bag / Container: Packed in aluminum (Per piece) /Quantity: 30 pieces

【Best before date】
5 years from date of production

wheat, shortening, sugar, egg, baker’s yeast, mizuame (sweetener), butter, high-fructose corn syrup, condensed milk, table salt/trehalose, HPMC, thickening agents, yeast food, antioxidant (V.C). (May contain traces of wheat, soya beans, eggs, milk)

【Nutrition Facts per 100g】
Energy: 365kcal Protein: 8.6g、Fat: 12.2g、Carbohydrates: 55.3g、Sodium: 0.7g

※Wheat, milk, eggs, soybeans, peanuts, oranges, cashew nuts, beef, walnuts, sesame, chicken, and apples among the 27 items with specific allergies are contaminated.
※ The product will go stiff if kept at low temperatures
※ Do not eat the oxygen absorber.
※ Consume it as soon as possible after opening the package.

【Product size / Weight】
・Product size: width 16.0 x depth 6.5 x height 21.0cm
・Packaging size per set: width 49.3 x depth 40.9 x height 19.5cm
・Total set weight: Approximately 4510g

【Manufacture and sales】
・Manufacturer: TOKYO FINE FOODS
・Made in: Japan

【Inspection Organization, Applicable Standard, etc.】

【Trademark Registration】 Class: Kami Koppupan

【Delivery Record】
・The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Imperial Guards, the Prefectural office of Shizuoka and Osaka, Chiba city fire department, University of Osaka Prefecture, co-op stores, etc.

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Paper Cup Bread (butter flavor); 30 pieces
Paper Cup Bread (butter flavor); 30 pieces
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This long-term storage snack doesn't require any water to prepare.
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Retail price:15800JPY
Our price: 14300JPY

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