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《Kamuiwakka Reisui 15 Years》, the longest preserved water in Japan for 15 years

Item code: JS31024-2001C-3001P

Market price: 8400JPY
Our Price: 8400JPY

“Reisui” is spring water that has been referred to as Kamuiwaka, or "water of the gods" at the foot of Mt. Yotei. Yotei's huge snow gorge becomes a subterranean stream, thus it contains a perfect balance of minerals, balanced, making it one of the world's best mineral waters (soft water). The water is filtered in a completely sterile state at the time of springing, UV sterilized, heat sterilized, and then filled with a special filling system. By bottling and adopting a container and cap with good water quality, the shelf life is 15 years from the date of manufacture. It can be used as water for preserving in case of a disaster.         

〜To be prepared for disasters〜
・The shelf life is 15 years, making it ideal for stockpiling mineral water for disasters.
・Even the cap is shrink wrapped.
・High temperature sterilized.
・Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.

Contents: ●Item name: Mineral Water / Amount: 500ml / Container: PET bottle / Unit: 24 bottles

[Best before date] 15 years from the date of manufacture (*We will always send you the latest batch of products you order)

[Materials & Ingredients]
・Water (spring water)

[Standard nutrients]
Nutrition Facts (per 100ml): 0 kcal/100ml
pH value 7.3, calcium 5.1 mg, magnesium 1.5 mg, sodium 7.0 mg, and Potassium 1.5mg, hardness 19mg/L (soft water)

Due to the delivery company, the maximum number of deliveries on the same day is limited to 100 cases.
For the delivery of more than 100 cases, the delivery may take place over several days.

※Delivery time:Kamuiwakka Reisui 15 Year is produced at our factory in Hokkaido.
We are currently experiencing a shortage of workers due to COVID-19, so we have not been able to produce the product in response to a large number of orders. Therefore, it will take us about a month to deliver the product to you even if you place an order. Please be advised in advance.

[Size and Weight of the Product]
・Packing size cm: 37.3 (width) x 25.2 (depth) x 22.1 (height)
・Total weight: 13810g

【Manufacture and sales】
・Brand (manufacturer):Japan Mineral Co., Ltd.
・Seller:SEI Enterprise
・Made in: Japan

[Supply Record]
This water was provided to the G8 Prime Ministers at the 2008 Toyako Summit.

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 Kamuiwakka Reisui 500ml x 24 bottles
Kamuiwakka Reisui 500ml x 24 bottles
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《Kamuiwakka Reisui 15 Years》, the longest preserved water in Japan for 15 years
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Retail price:8400JPY
Our price: 8400JPY

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