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Compact transportation and storage! No tools required! Double-sided water repellent! Can be used for a long time!

Item code: JS31049-2103K-4001V

Market price: 17540JPY
Our Price: 17540JPY

By setting up a Cardboard Bed in an emergency shelter, it is possible to prevent economy class syndrome(venous thromboembolism :VTE) and infectious diseases, so that people living there can live comfortably and with peace of mind.

It is also recommended in the "Guidelines for the Operation of Evacuation Shelters" by the Cabinet Office in Japan.

[Features of Cardboard Bed]
(1) How to assemble: Each part is inserted and can be assembled without adhesive tape or tools.

(2) Moisture resistance: Both the product and the outer box are water-repellent on both sides. The product is packed in a nylon bag in the outer box for long-term storage.

(3) Multi-purpose: The bed consists of 6 boxes. It can be divided to be used as a chair or desk.

(4) High strength: The bed is strong enough to withstand a load of 3 tons (*) and can be used by multiple people at the same time.

(5) Storage space: Each box can be used as a storage space by opening the lid to prevent theft. You can manage and store your valuables at the evacuation site.

(6) Comfortable height: The height of the bed is 40cm to make it easier for elderly people to get up and go to sleep. Getting in and out of bed is less stressful.

(7) Reusable: After use, remove the parts and store them back in the outer box for reuse.
*Load-bearing test (conducted by Kochi Forest Technology Center on June 3, 2020)

Load condition: A human-shaped board (167cm x 50cm) was placed in the center of the bed, and a load was applied from above. The result was that the maximum load was reached at 3420 kg (3.42t).

[Stockpiling and Storage]
- It is possible to store 9 beds in a space of 1.2m x 1.2m.

[Installation and Set-up]
- It can be set up in a space of a general gymnasium (equivalent to one basketball court) with about 60 to 100 beds.

- It can be deployed from centralized disaster prevention warehouses and wide-area disaster prevention centers in each region and municipality to evacuation centers in various locations.

- In the event of a linear precipitation zone or localized heavy rainfall disaster, it can be used to gather stockpiles from surrounding municipalities.

- 100 beds in a 4-ton truck
- 170 beds in a 10-ton truck
- 120 beds in a 20-feet container

*It is recommended to use this product together with Cardboard Partition.

*Cardboard is a recyclable and eco-friendly material.

*If you have any questions on specific number of items that can be installed in a specific shelter, storage volume, etc., please feel free to contact us.

*In addition, we can flexibly respond to requests for printing character, color schemes, number of deliveries, etc.

Contents: Assembly parts of a bed (can also be used as a chair or storage box) when assembled (W65X D45X H40cm) : 6 sets / Connecting parts: 6 sheets / Green sheet (panel for bed head and bed top) when assembled (W195X D90X Thickness 0.5cm): 3 sheets

- Instructions for assembling the main unit

[Materials and Ingredients]
- Cardboard

*Because the product is made of paper, there is a possibility that your fingers may be cut by the edge of the product. Please wear gloves when assembling the product.

*If you jump or bounces on it, it may break.

[Size and Weight of the Product]
- Size of single item cm: W 90.0 x D 195.0 x H 40.0
- Packing size cm: W95.0 x D68.5 x H32.0
- Packing weight: approx. 22010g

[Manufacturing and Sales]
- Brand name (manufacturer): Takenaka Groupe Corporation
- Distributor: Takenaka Groupe Corporation
- Country of manufacture: Japan (Kochi Prefecture)

[Inspection Body, Applicable Standards, etc.]
- Registered product by Kochi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Industry Association

[Obtained Patent]
- Bed: Patent Publication 2019-054960

[Trademark Registration, etc.]
- Registration No. 6015846

[Delivery Record]
Inside Kochi: Kochi Municipal Office, Konan Municipal Office, Muroto Municipal Office, Nankoku Municipal Office , Okawa Village Municipal Office, Shimanto Town Municipal Office; Out of Kochi: Municipal Office Nagano Prefecture Nagano, Naka Municipal Office Ibaraki Prefecture, Minamiboso Municipal Office Chiba Prefecture, Kamogawa Municipal Office Chiba Prefecture , Sodegaura Municipal Office Chiba Prefecture, Oshu Municipal Office Iwate Prefecture, Tokyo Toshima Ward Office

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Cardboard Bed(Chairs/Tables/Benches)
Cardboard Bed(Chairs/Tables/Benches)
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Compact transportation and storage! No tools required! Double-sided water repellent! Can be used for a long time!
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Our price: 17540JPY

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