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A full set of disposal agent, disposal bag, toilet seat, and tent to set up a toilet anywhere

Item code: JS31025-2001C-3001P

Market price: 46300JPY
Our Price: 46300JPY

Peace of mind to use your usual toilets even in a disaster. During a disaster, it is difficult to use flush toilets because the water is cut off. If you cannot use your own toilet, you cannot comfortable use an unfamiliar toilet, such as a public toilet or a portable toilet.
Also, the act of holding back food because you don't want to use the toilet in shelters or other places can cause health problems. If you have a toilet disinfectant ready, you can rest assured that you will be able to use your regular toilet even if the water supply is cut off.
In addition, to make the toilet environment comfortable during a disaster, it is important to take measures against odors.
Ho! Toilet is a revolutionary treatment that has been developed over 10 years by manure disposal experts, Excelsior. Instead of pouring it over fecal matter, which is the source of odor, it is placed in a toilet bowl in advance, so that the fecal matter and the treatment agent reacts in the shortest possible time, minimizing the time it takes for odors to develop. In addition, the proven, powerful odor-eliminating effect lasts and keeps the odor out of the trash bags you store until garbage collection resumes. You won't have to worry about leaking odor.
Ho! Toilet is a high quality human waste disposal product that can really be used in a disaster.
Toilet problems in a disaster, Ho! Toilet will solve the problem.

・Product Name 1: Ho! Toilet 100 bags (100 doses of toilet decontamination agent) 110 bags of treated plastic
※Estimated frequency of use: 5 times/day x family of 4 people x 5 days = 100 times

[Materials & Ingredients]
・Water absorbent resin, zeolite, slaked lime, cellulose, pH adjuster (content: 50g per bag)

[Size and Weight of the Product]
・Size cm: approx. 36.0 (width) x 27.5 (depth) x 20.5 (height)
・Weight: Approx. 5.0kg

・Product Name 2: G2TAM α Plus Starter Set (4L bottle×1, 250ml bottles ×2, 2 refillable bottles of 30ml x 2)

[Materials & Ingredients]
・Purified water, grain extract (amino acid and sugar mixture), alcohol (2.7wt%), surfactant
※・Neutral, colorless, transparent, slight alcohol odor 
A powerful disinfection and deodorization agent made from soybeans that inhibits E. coli bacteria.

[Size and Weight of the Product]
・Size cm: approx. 51.5 (width) x 29.5 (depth) x 27.0 (height)
・Weight:Approx. 4.8kg

[Storage Period] 10 years

・Product Name 3: Portable Toilet / Folding Tent

[Size and Weight of the Product]
・Size: cm
Toilet: approx. 49 (width) x 41 (depth) x 37 (height)
Tent: approx. 110 (width) x 110 (depth) x 192 (height) (when folded: 58mm (diameter) x 4cm (height))
Box: approx.62.0 x 46.7 (depth) x 62.4 cm (height)

Toilet: approx. 3.3kg, tent: approx. 2.75kg

[Manufacture and sales]
・Brand (manufacturer):Excelsior Inc. x Air Water Mach Inc. x SEISHOP
・Made in: Japan, Tent/Made in: China

[Supply Record]
・Private companies, condominium management associations, social welfare corporations, community associations, municipalities, and government agencies

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Agent for toilets in emergencies|Toilet tablet! 110 bags & tent
Agent for toilets in emergencies|Toilet tablet! 110 bags & tent
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Agent for toilets in emergencies|Toilet tablet! 110 bags & tent
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Retail price:46300JPY
Our price: 46300JPY

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