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Auto-wrapping(tear-and-seal)portable toilet
Item Code: JS31054-2102A-3007V

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Our Price:   172,000JPY(*Shipping costs extra)

WrapPon Trekker is a new concept portable toilet that automatically wraps excreta (individual wrapping).
It can be deployed without tools, does not require water, and does not leak odors or bacteria for more than one month because it is wrapped with a special odor-resistant film.
It is used in a wide range of situations, including disasters, medical care, nursing care, construction sites, and outdoor activities. Since it can be disposed of without coming into contact with excrement, it is also useful in preventing infectious diseases.

Details (Click to open)
  • What is the "Wrappon Trekker WT-4"?
    ➢ It is a portable toilet that automatically (electrically) wraps (individually) excrement
     with the push of a button.
    ➢ It can be easily installed anywhere indoors without tools.
    ➢ The toilet wraps excrement with coagulant polymer and special odor-proof film without using water,
     so odor and bacteria will not leak out for more than one month.
    ➢ Once the consumables are set, it can be used 50 times continuously,
     reducing the burden of waste disposal and cleaning.
    ➢ The toilet functions are compactly packed in a sturdy and lightweight aluminum alloy box
     for easy transportation and storage.

  • Why the "Wrappon Trekker WT-4" is needed in disaster areas?
    ➢ After a disaster, flush toilets cannot be used during water and power outages. Bad odor, bacteria,
     and health hazards caused by having to endure toilets are factors in disaster-related deaths.
    ➢ In many large-scale disasters, such as the "Great East Japan Earthquake" in March 2011, the
     "Kumamoto Earthquake" in April 2016, the "heavy rains in July 2018," and "Typhoon No. 15 and
     Typhoon No. 19 in 2019," "Wrappon" was introduced to evacuation centers in the affected areas
     to support the evacuation of disaster victims.
    ➢ Many government offices, municipalities, companies, and corporations have stockpiled Wrappon
     as a life-saving precautionary measure and advance preparation in the event of a disaster.
    ➢ It is used not only in times of disaster, but also in a wide range of situations, such as medical care,
     nursing care, construction sites, and outdoor activities. It is also effective in preventing infectious
     diseases because it can be disposed of without touching the excrement.

  • Specification (Click to open)
  • Size and Weight of the Product
    ➢ Size of single item cm: W39.0 x D46.0 x H27.0(Height in use:40.0)
    ➢ Packing size cm: W44.7 x D58.0 x H35.0
    ➢ Packing weight: approx. 17010g

  • Materials and Ingredients
    ➢ Body and legs: Aluminum alloy 
    ➢ Toilet seat: Polypropylene resin (PP)
    ➢ Film roll: Polyethylene
    ➢ Coagulant Katameru polymer: polymer

  • Power
    ➢ Automatic wrapping device power: AC100V
    By using the power selection switch on the main unit, it is possible to use 50・60Hz (AC adapter), DC14.8V (special battery) or DC12V (DC cable for car).
    ➢ Power consumption: 75W

  • Contents (Click to open)
  • Contents
    ⑴ Product name: Wrappon Trekker WT-4 / Single unit capacity: 12000g / package: 1
    ⑵ Film roll (50 wraps/1 roll): 583g/package: 1
    ⑶ Coagulant Katameru Polymer (50 packets/box): 458g/package: 1

  • Warranty Period
    1 year

  • Manufacturing and Sales
    ➢ Brand name (manufacturer): Nihon Safety Co, Ltd.
    ➢ Distributor: Nihon Safety Co, Ltd.
    ➢ Country of manufacture: Japan

  • Delivery Record
    ➢ Local government: 400 or more locations
    ➢ Hospitals: 300 or more locations
    Construction sites, outdoor facilities, etc.

  • Note (Click to open)
  • NOTE
    ➢ The Trekker is a precision machine, so please do not shock it.
    ➢ Avoid direct sunlight when storing.
    ➢ Can be used with a small lithium battery in case of power failure (sold separately as an option).
    ➢ The special film roll and coagulant Katameru polymer for refilling are sold separately.

  • Terms and Conditions (Click to open)
  • Shipping
    ⑴ Delivery is by international mail (EMS).
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    ⑶ To prevent fraud, we can only deliver
      when the PayPal registered address and the shipping address are the same.

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  • Returns and Exchanges
    ⑴ Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.
    ⑵ If product damage or defects are caused by us, or if the product you ordered is different from
      the one you received, we will replace the product at our expense.
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    *Please see our Return/Exchange Policy for more details.

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    Wrappon Trekker WT-4
    Wrappon Trekker WT-4
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    Auto-wrapping(tear-and-seal)portable toilet
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