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Wrappon PF-1 main unit (30 consumables included)

The excrement is individually sealed in a special odor-resistant material waste bag (BOS) and thermo-compression bonded. Odors and bacteria are kept outside. By keeping bacteria outside, secondary infections can be prevented. Even a reasonably priced portable toilet can now do so much in terms of infection control and odor control. Enjoy a safe and secure evacuation life with this toilet!

What is Manual Wrap Toilet Wrappon PF-1?
●Manual wrapping mechanism for sealed individual wrapping
The manual wrapping mechanism does not use water, but seals excretions one by one by heat-compression bonding, which is sanitary and leak-free of odor and bacteria. Also, excreta (waste) is packaged individually, so there is no need for post-processing.

●Light weight and compact
The total weight of 5.0 kg is extremely light, making it easy to move. The storage box size is 170 mm (W) x 560 mm (D) x 410 mm (H), so it takes up little storage space.

*A dedicated rechargeable battery (usable about 300 times) and a dedicated DC cable SP5 that can be powered from a car's cigarette lighter socket are also available as optional accessories, allowing use in locations without a power source.

[Product 1]
Product name: Wrappon PF-1 main body (30 consumables included) / Unit capacity: 5.0 kg (when packed) / 4.2 kg (product weight) / Quantity: 1 piece) / Special waste bag (30 pieces) / Special coagulant (30 pieces)

■Color: Navy
■Rated voltage
・Toilet seat unit: DC12-16V
・AC adapter: AC100V 50/60Hz
■Rated voltage consumption: 35W
W376×D510×H400mm (Assembled size)
W170 x D560 x H410mm (Packing size)
■Weight: 5.0Kg (when packed) / 4.2Kg (product weight)
・Body, base, toilet seat unit: Polypropylene
・Sewage bag: Polyethylene
・Coagulant: Super absorbent resin
■Weight capacity: 100 kg

※Optional items: Handy Battery 3300, Wrappon・PF-1 Optional item: DC Cable SP-5 for car is not included. Please purchase separately.

※Please arrange for your own conversion plug adapter.

[Product 2]
Product name:Wrappon PF-1 consumable special sewage bag (30 bags/pack)
Material: Polyethylene

[Product 3]
Product name:Wrappon PF-1 Consumable special coagulant (30 packets/bag)
Material: Super absorbent resin

[Product 4]
Product name: Wrappon PF-1 Optional DC cable for car SP-5
・Dimensions: 5m

・Brand name (Manufacturer): Japan Safety Co.
・Distributor: Japan Safety Co.

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Wrappon PF-1 main unit (30 consumables included)
Wrappon PF-1 main unit (30 consumables included)
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Manual Wrap-Type Toilet Wrappon PF-1
The waste is individually sealed each time with a waste bag made of heat-compression bonding and odor-proof material.
Wrappon 's heat-compression method locks in both odors and bacteria.
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