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How to order
Shopping cart
You have the option to edit or remove item(s) from the shopping cart. Click on the "Shopping cart" link from the product page or click on the shopping bag iconin the top navigation bar.We keep your shopping cart for up to 12 hours. We try our best to fill all orders. Sometimes we underestimate demand and cannot get more in stock.We'll let you know if an item is no longer available or will be delayed. We also reserve the right to limitquantities based on merchandise availability.

Change or cancel an order
Changing the quantity or size/color of an item
While you are still shopping or during checkout you can increase or decrease the quantity of an item by changing the "quantity" field on the line that refers to the product you intend to change.

Making changes after you placed an order

If you need to make any changes to your order after you placed it,
please contact our customer service by contact board. Please note that processing will take place immediately after you place your order, and it may not be possible to change items on existing orders.

Removing items while you are still shopping
If you are in the shopping cart screen and haven't clicked "proceed to checkout", you can remove asingle item by clicking on the "Remove item" check on the line that refers to the product you want to remove.

Removing items during checkout
If you are in the checkout process but have not sent the order, you are able to remove items from theshopping cart. Remove an item by clicking on the "Remove item" check on the line that refers to theproduct you intend to remove.

What happens if  I click "clear order"?
Clicking "clear order" on the Order Summary page during the checkout process will remove your entireorder and empty your shopping cart.
Canceling after the order has been placed
If you have sent your order, please contact our customer service by contact board.Please note that your order may begin processing immediately after you place your order, and it may notbe possible to cancel the order.
If the order has been shipped to you
You will have to return the merchandise. Please contact the store from the Contact board first.

Product services and Warranties
Electronic devices are usualy covered by the maker's international warranty, but this might not apply to every country. Please inform yourself on this before making a purchase. Repair and service can be done in almost every country, although charges may apply.

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