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Gallery Bien Gallery Bien
Gallery Bien

Company name Gallery Bien
Contact person Mitsuru Kuru
Address 1-3-13
Ise-shi Mie 516-0073 Japan
Telephone 0596-27-3174
FAX 0596-27-3175
Date of establishment 4/20010
Available language Japanese
Shipping cost
within Japan
640JPY - 1160JPY
Payment method Bank transfer Postal transfer Cash on delivery 

* COD within Japan only.
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About us
Professional ceramic artists gallery work, with a special exhibition and online sales.
Gallery is a professional ceramic pottery kilns known works deal with the country. Tsuboya Okinawa, Hagi, Bizen, Banko, Iga, Mino, Echizen, featuring works from artists around planning another local Mashiko ware, is in permanent exhibition. Exhibits stick to what works, stick to history, boasts a selection of work just stuck to taste the soil. In addition, we also sell over the Internet.
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