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sato taikando sato taikando
sato taikando

Company name sato taikando
Contact person yasuhiro sato
Address 1-11-14
Matsuyama-shi,Yanai-machi Ehime 790-0014 Japan
Telephone 089-921-2317
FAX 089-943-1355
Date of establishment 11/1946
Available language Japanese
Shipping cost
within Japan
840JPY - 10000JPY
Payment method Bank transfer Postal transfer 

* Foreign credit cards are not available.
* COD within Japan only.
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About us
Since its founding in 1946, the works of famous artists, it is treating the whole tea ceremony.
Since its founding in 1946, mainly in tea, including schoolmaster 書付 your work, we treat the work of famous artists. In the shop, tea rooms and the bow to enjoy tea, sat down and set up a tearoom-style thatched, while preserving a space for relaxation and meeting, regardless of the way, they strive to helping people enjoy the culture of tea feel free to Masu.
The gallery, the exhibition invited artists, exhibitions gem and, entertainment exhibition several times a year, conducting the sale catalog tea every season even up for tea from the beginner, let me introduce the work widely We. If you wish to, the exhibition guide, let me send our catalogs.
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