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※Bottle is sold separately.
※The 1st letter of Name will be a capital letter.
(Eg, ×maria ○Maria)
※At maximum 7words are the best for design.
※We will ask you for name you would like to put on the bottle through
the contact board after you finished ordering, so please note your ID
and password for entering your "My page".

(英文名字的字體為草書 開頭為大寫後面為小寫例如Maria。 )
※請記下您的ID和密碼登入My page後用mail傳達想表達的文字內容。

Name Order A, E, G, J, L 客製化名字設計
Name Order A, E, G, J, L 客製化名字設計
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Name will be put on the bottle by sandblast processing.
Please choose a design from the A, E, G, J, L.
Retail price:-JPY
Our price: 3000JPY

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