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■ Product Name: Fillico Primo Gold - Queen Cap Set
■ Mineral water
■ Contents: 720 ml
■ Body size: Height 360 mm, diameter 95 mm
■ Expiration date: Printed on the cap seal

◇ Bottle
Material: Glass (Frosted)
Swarovski® Crystals: 57 Golden shadow crystals

◇ Cap
· Queen cap
Material: Alloy (zinc) / Gold plating
Swarovski® Crystals: 22 crystals
· Inner cap
Material: PP
· Cap seal
Material: PET

The Queen’s Crown
The Queen’s Crown is an impression of the tiara of the Queen, Constance of Aragon, once the Queen of Hungary but after the untimely death of the King became the Holy Empress of Rome, married to Federico in the Sicilian City of Messina in 1209, until her own untimely death of malaria at the age of 42. The tragedy of Constantia’s brief but monumental life has led to a plentitude of tributes and memorials through the centuries since. Our Queen’s Crown celebrates the enduring love between Federico the King and his Constantia, with 22 Swarovski® Crystals sprinkled in representation of the sacred and starry sky that graced the night when Federico II laid his Queen to eternal rest.



If you give a shock to the bottle, you may get injured by a bottle, so please handle it carefully.

Sometimes white mineral crystals are suspended or minerals crystallize when overheated and frozen, because rich mineral components are contained, but there is no problem with the quality.

Please avoid

frozen storage and direct sunlight. If you keep it after opening, please close the cap and take it in the refrigerator.


Swarovski® Crystals we use for the bottle and cap is attached by skilled craftsmen one by one carefully.

Although it is inspected carefully at the time of shipment, the crystals may get off by a small shock because it’s delicate. Please be careful that small children are in danger of getting it into their mouth. In addition, please do not use this bottle for another use.

Fillico Primo Gold - Queen Cap Set
Fillico Primo Gold - Queen Cap Set
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As its name suggests, Fillico Primo is first, in style, grade, elegance, and beauty. In the Italian language, “Primo” often means the “finest.” The finest, in Fillico Primo, is represented faithfully in this frosted bottle, adorned in gold. 57 pieces of flat-backed and teardrop-shaped Swarovski® crystals in the Golden Shadow color adorn the bottle, hand-crafted by Fillico’s finest craftsmen. Throughout human history, across continents and seas, gold has been a constant symbol of success, wealth, and luxury. With its golden crown cap and shimmering gold embellishments, Fillico Primo stirs hearts of gold. It makes a perfect gift for anniversaries, celebrations, and as the finest symbol of love.

The Queen’s Crown - Our Queen’s Crown has 22 Swarovski® Crystals sprinkled in representation of the sacred and starry sky that graced the night when Federico II laid his Queen to eternal rest.
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