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The frosted white bottle along with the pastel color designs set the stage of being on top of the clouds. Different shades of blue Swarovski ® crystals are rested on a pearl white king cap which, in the middle is decorated with a beautiful star charm.

最新跟Sanrio合作的商品”Kiki Lala Little Twin Stars和獨角獸”! 深受女性喜愛的Little Twin Stars加上來自童話世界的獨角獸, 這個組合肯定會是很受歡迎。

Kiki Lala Little Twin Stars和獨角獸限量經典瓶子
Kiki Lala Little Twin Stars和獨角獸限量經典瓶子
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The newest collaboration item with Sanrio characters “Little Twin Stars Unicorn”! Adored by ladies from all ages, Little Twin Stars, is being paired up with Unicorn from the fairy tales, this combination will definitely be a popular item
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