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■ Product name: Fillico Arabian Night
■ Mineral water
■ Contents: 720ml
■ Body size: Height 325mm, diameter 95mm
■ Set contents: Bottle, Cap, Bottle Necklace, Wings
■ Expiration date: Printed on the cap seal
■ Comes with gift box

◇ Bottle
Material: Glass (Frosted)
Swarovski® Crystals: 57 crystals

◇ Cap
· Victoria cap
Material: Alloy (zinc) / Silver plating (Nickel free)
Swarovski® Crystals: 38 crystals
· Inner cap
Material: PP
· Cap seal
Material: PET

◇ Angel Wings
· Metal Angel Wings
Material: Alloy (Zinc) / Silver Plating (Nickel Free)
Swarovski® Crystals: Crystal
* Will be delivered in a separate box.

New Arrival: Fillico’s 13th Anniversary Bottle - Only 50 bottles!
Deliveries will be shipped in the order received as they are hand produced. Due to production time, your delivery may be delayed.

“I want a special person to be delighted!” This is a sentiment that we believe is embodied in Fillico Jewelry Water. To celebrate our 13th anniversary on July 7, 2018, we have produced a Limited Edition Commemorative bottle, Fillico Arabian Night. We originally produced its design for a royal family in the Arabian world, but we have made this a special motif, to be celebrated by everyone.

The bottle radiates a heavenly glow, as Swarovski® Crystals interspersed in the special metal wings and in the sparkling and jeweled chains gracefully embrace the smoky white bottle. The design evokes the mysterious and elegant national gowns of Arabian princesses at night.

The 720ml bottle is filled with 100% natural “Kobe Nunobiki Water.” The water is drawn from deep within the granite sandstone layers underneath Mt. Rokko in Kobe, Japan.

Fillico 13th Anniversary
Dream a dream.

Fillico has a mission since its founding.
Cherishing the moments spent with important people.
Fillico doesn’t really offer things, but time.
Fillico time is like a dream, one that no one has ever experienced.
That is because in contemporary time, the greatest luxury is to spend moments with important people in our lives - making real connections.
This wasn’t something was well understood at the time of our founding, but now, after 13 years, we have begun to feel the tailwind of the times.
Fillico celebrated its 13th anniversary on July 7.
We believe that in the year ahead, we will return to our roots.
The world is more beautiful from the tabletop.
With resolve and determination, Fillico will fly like a bird around the world.

The Victoria Crown
Queen Victoria, whose reign from 1837 to 1901 ushered in a bounty of creativity in architecture, fashion, and the arts, starting from the mid-19th Century and continuing to the present day. Victorian design continues to be an inspiration to architects, craftsmen, and many other enlightened artisans. Ordered, ornamented, and ornate - the symmetry and organic curves of our Victorian Crown are inspired by Gothic and Baroque styles, too, creating the impression of an elegant princess dressed for the Queen’s Ball. The 38 sparkling Swarovski® Crystals are splendid, abundant, and elegant, instilling a classical harmony that is timeless, ageless, and eternal.


13th Anniversary Fillico Arabian Night
13th Anniversary Fillico Arabian Night
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New Arrival: Fillico’s 13th Anniversary Bottle - Only 50 bottles!

Originally produced for a royal family in the Arabian world, we have now made a new version with a special motif to be celebrated by everyone.
Retail price:-JPY
Our price: 101000JPY

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