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■ Product Name: Passion Daisy Red (Metal) a.k.a. Jennifer (Jennifer)
■ Name: Red wine
Contents ■: 720 ml
■ Use type: Merlot type 100%
Antioxidant: Sulfite
■ Alcohol content: 12%
■ Temperature at drinking: 10 to 12 ° C
■ Type: Red Wine / Medium

◇ cap part
· Art Deco Cap
Material: alloy (zinc) / rhodium plating (nickel free)
· Inner cap
Material: PP

◇ Bottle part
Material: Glass (metal processing)
Swarovski · Crystal: 55 pieces of paparazia
Plate: Polyresin (plating)
· Inner cap
Material: PP
· Cap seal
Material: PET

Red Wine Passion Daisy Red (Metal) a.k.a. Jennifer (Jennifer)
Red Wine Passion Daisy Red (Metal) a.k.a. Jennifer (Jennifer)
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Premium wine aged in a barrel for about 6 months using domestic contract field grapes 100%. Merlot species 100%.
Soft attack, black pepper and cassis nuances. Rich fruit taste and acid, gentle tannins spread moistly
It is a comfortable and well-balanced one.
Meat dishes such as beef red meat steak, Milan salami, lasagna and other Italian and tomato dishes, salmon also go well.
※ Vintage will switch at any time.

The six color bottle has been named to imagine a woman shining all the time.
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Our price: 29000JPY

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